The new Dell XPS is a really good option for a person that is looking for a new laptop. This laptop is a great option because if you consider quality and price you’ll see that there’s a pretty good relation going on as the Dell XPS offers top of the line technology and here for a very affordable price – get one Dell XPS FREE.

Free Dell XPS laptop


The Dell XPS design is modern and this laptop also is one of the thinnest laptops in the market. This laptop also doesn’t pick up any fingerprints which means that it will be in pristine conditions all the time. Many laptops pick finger prints and that looks horrible in a laptop no matter how pretty it may be.


During tests to reach extreme conditions the Dell XPS managed to stay always cool which means that with extreme use you’ll never have a problem with the laptop temperature and this makes this laptop very comfortable to use during a hot summer.

Another good feature this laptop has is the adjustable keyboard backlight, that is adjustable so that you may adjust it to very dark places where seeing the keyboard with a normal backlight wouldn’t be possible.

The screen is very good because it has a good definition and because it is very colorful, maybe the most colorful in the market. This Dell XPS laptop also comes with JBL speakers and sub-woofer mounted in the bottom, the sound system gives a really powerful and clear sound. Another special feature is the HDMI 1.4 port to connect to an exterior screen or TV and the USB 3.0 which is the fastest USB available.


Dell XPS is a good choice because despite the affordable price it has great performance, the combination between video card and processor used in this laptop is just the indicated to have very high performances. The Dell XPS comes equipped with an Nvidia GeForce GT420M graphics which has been widely tested and that has delivered pretty good results. With this video card you will be able to play all modern games without a twitch and if you use graphical applications you won’t be disappointed because you can do everything with this video card. This video card combined with Intel quad core which is one of the processors that delivers high
performances in the market is a true race car and it will function smoothly throughout all the operations you might need to conduct in the computer.

So what you are waiting for – get a Free Dell XPS laptop Free NOW!